Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I Love You Mama!!

Ok so the other night I am talking to my brother Joe (who will always be Joey to me). He was telling me about my nephew Justin and how he just couldn't wait till Justin was old enough to say "I Love You Da-Da!". It was so sweet and I thought about how cool it will be when Ella can do that too! Every parent's dream I bet!

Well later that same night I go to put miss Ella into her crib. She has fallen asleep having her bedtime bottle and I was expecting her to just hit the pillow and go right out like she usually does. But as soon as she was in her crib she flipped on her stomach and started crawling over to the side of her crib with a big smile on her face. I walked over to the crib put my hands on the crib rail and rested my chin on my hands just watching her as she climbs up to standing, all excited. I smiled back and asked her in a soft voice "What are you doing honey? It's bedtime- aren't you sleepy?" Just then, she leans in and plants the biggest sloppiest kiss on my mouth, giggles and the grabs my face and leans in to give me another one.

It was just about the cutest damn thing I ever saw. I kissed her goodnight and laid her back down in her crib and walked out with the biggest smile on my face. My husband asked me why I was smiling like that and I responded "Ella just said 'I Love You Mama'!"

Although she can't say it yet, her kiss said it all, and it was just as good as my brother described!!