Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nana Comes to Visit!!

It is always a big deal when Nana comes to visit. But this year was an extra big deal cause Nana got sick the day before she was supposed to fly to see us, and had to postpone it for another 2 weeks. It was like asking kids to postpone Christmas! But they toughed it out and soon enough she was here!!! Ryen was ready!!

Nana loved her surprise at the airport :)

We had so much fun during these days. Not for all of them did I have the camera out, but I did for many of them :)

Ella was so happy to show off her new roller blading skills to Nana!

Nana brought these super sticky awesome bubbles with her :)

A little too sticky... LOL

Awww... look how happy they are to have Nana here!

Then after bedtime it was time for my Mommy and me!!!

But in the morning the kids got more fun time with Nana teaching her to play Just Dance :)

Later we took the kids for a day of shopping and fun at Arizona Mills Mall. The begged to try the Euro Bungee. We said ok. Thankfully Ryen weighed just enough to be able to do it also. Both my kids were fearless.

We couldn't leave the mall without a carousel ride too!

We also took the kids to chuck e cheese later that night cause "It is Nana and Grandpa's favorite place". This was hilarious because my kids literally think that Nana and Grandpa LOVE this place themselves, because every time we come home to visit Nana and Grandpa take them there! ha ha ha!!! The innocent minds of kids... ;)

We spent our last day taking the kids to Chick Fil A for some fun playtime and ice cream :)

It was hard to say goodbye to Nana. But we know we will see her soon this Summer :) Thanks for visiting us Nana Bananas!! xoxoxox We miss you already!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chick-Fil-A Family Night

Ella has dance on Tuesday Nights. And right up the street is Chick-Fil-A where they have family night every Tuesday. So this night I took the kids after, cause there was an insane balloon lady there that makes AMAZING balloon animals. I mean incredible! Like nothing you have ever seen before. And of course they LOVE seeing the cow there! :)

They also had a craft table that kept Ella busy for a while making masks for Chinese New Year.

Look how small Ryen looks next to the cow while he waited for his own balloon hat.

Here were our take home souvenirs... Chinese masks

... and balloon animals

Toy Story 3 on Ice

We had never taken our girls to an ice show before. I just knew when I saw that Toy Story was coming it was the perfect show for them. They are sort of princessed out by now AND they both love Toy Story so this was great! :) But it was a surprise...

Since we were at the arena where the Suns play, Daddy kept telling the girls we were there to see a basketball game the whole time, but they weren't buying it! They chased after him on the way to our seats and kept looking around for clues.

Start the show!

Instantly mesmerized

All our Toy Story friends are here!!

(all of these pics had to be taken in the dark with no flash so sorry for the lack of quality)

Goofing off during intermission

Let's finish the show!!

Look Daddy!

All said, it was a great show, a great time and the kids LOVED it :)