Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Night of the Little Black Dress :)

This was my first time having a staycation with some of my friends here in the Valley. (staycation: noun. A period of time in which an individual or family stays and relaxes at home, or vacations in their own country, possibly taking day trips to area attractions) We got a room at the Talking Sticks Resort.

I arrived shortly after the other girls. They were all almost ready to head to dinner. Until I opened a garment bag and suitcase full of dresses, clothes, and heels. Then we had so much fun trying on all the dresses and trying to figure out what to wear. It was a coincidence that 4 of us ended up choosing a black dress. And poor Danielle felt like she was gonna stick out being the only one NOT wearing black. So we had to figure out a way for her to wear one too, and we did :) The girls couldn't believe I had that many black dresses, lol.

Here we are ready to head out! (pissed the guy didn't get our AMAZING shoes in the shot) I thought we looked SMOKING hot considering the 5 of us have 13 kids between us!!!!

So even though we knew we would get some comments we ROCKED our black dresses, like an episode of Sex and the City. ha ha!

Then we hopped in the car to drive to Old Town Scottsdale for some dinner and bar hopping. The girls were goofing off with the camera in the car.

Good thing they had a sexy chauffer ;)

We had a great dinner sharing appetizers and meals and talking about things other than our kids. We asked questions and everyone got to go around the table and answer them. We had sake bombers and martinis, and a GREAT time. Our friend Sarah joined us too.

We were ALL about this...

Who wouldn't want a bunny ride!? Bunny rides are basically giant golf carts that can hold like over 10 people and whiz through the streets of Scottsdale taking people ALL over Old Town to various restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Our driver gave us his number and we called him a bunch of times to pick us up and take us somewhere new. We were DYING laughing at one point. He was blaring music and singing and literally drove up to the frickin' front door of this bar to drop us off for some dancing. Talk about making an entrance. Everyone could see how much fun we were having and how hard we were laughing and people were staring and checking out the scene. And quite a scene it was. But we did manage to snap some pics at some point!

These three were cackling about road safety, seat belts etc and holding on for dear life. They couldn't turn the MOM off. It was hysterical!

We bounced around and danced our faces off till well past our usual bedtimes! And our feet were sore and blistered but words can not describe how much fun we had and how many laughs. I seriously ADORED every minute of it and hope to be able to do it again someday.

I did not adore getting to bed close to 2:30/3am and ALL of us being up by 8am. Guess even without kids waking us up we just cant help ourselves. But we had a leisurely morning just laughing and laying in bed. Grabbed some breakfast, packed up our rooms AND...

this is how we spent our Sunday! Yeah BABY!

Mimosas, beers and margaritas by the pool. Soaking up the sun, soaking up each other's company and just enjoying our day together. :)


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