Saturday, May 21, 2011

Great AZ Pupper Theater

Today was our first time ever going to the Puppet Theater in Phoenix.

I have wanted to go for awhile but hadn't managed to squeeze it in. Since I am going away for one night with some friends tonight, Jimmy suggested this was a good day to take the girls out for some Mommy time and give him some alone time before I go. So off we went and our friends The Seever girls joined us. Yeah! :) The show was The Three Little Pigs! My girls LOVE the story of The Three Little Pigs, so they were SUPER excited.

I get this message from Pamela yesterday telling me NOT to forget to go their website and download some puppets, that I am to color, cut out, and tape to popsicle sticks to make puppets. She said "me and my girls made ours tonight and they are SOoooo cute". My immediate thought was crap my kids are already asleep which means I am going to have to make these myself. My second thought was I just wont make them and say I didn't have time. My third thought was my kids would freak out when they saw Pamela's kids had pigs on sticks at the show and mine didn't. So I spent over an hour working on these last night to get them read for the show. Here they are:

And when I showed them to Pamela at the theater she was all "Oh I forgot ours at home!" $@!@$%!!!!!! LOL Story of my life! :)Here are the beauties waiting for the show to start!

Pamela and Riley (aka Buggy or Ry- which is hilarious cause Ryen's nicknames from us are Bunny or Ry. Weird huh??)

Here was the stage. The puppeteers stay behind the wood and the puppets appear above where the blue curtain is.

The ceiling was pretty cool looking too.

Here are the kids warming up with the director of the program. They were told to touch their nose in an effort to see who could follow directions. Clearly Ryen can't. ha ha.

Then it was show time and we were told absolutely no still photos or video during the puppet show. Bummer... But the puppet did come out to say goodbye after the show was over.

And they brought another puppet out for photos. Which we took advantage of :)

We also played with a bunch of cool puppets in the gift shop

Next we went and crafted take home puppets of our own. I made a pig and a wolf for the girls. Here they are...

The girls were recreating their puppet show all the way home. Except Ryen was too funny. When Ella (playing the wolf) would say "Little pig, little pig, let me in!" Ryen (playing the pig) would say "OK you come on in." I was dying laughing! I kept telling her to say "not by the hair on my chinny chinny chin" and she would say it right once and then the next time she was the pig she would say "ok come in" again. It was so cute. I guess she can't help but be nice even when a Big Bad Wolf is trying to eat her for lunch ;)

Speaking of Lunch, afterwards we went to lunch at Romeo's Euro Cafe in Gilbert. I was craving a BLT and the only one they had on the menu had Turkey in it. So I asked if the turkey could be left on the side of the plate instead of being put in the sandwich (I am not a fan of turkey but my kids like it). The reply I got from the waitress was this "well we consider ourselves to be a gourmet euro cafe, where our menu is created as a culinary experience. All of the ingredients in the dishes are designed to work together so our chefs really don't like to you to make changes". Umm... okay. So I said to her, "so I have to have the turkey on the sandwich and wait for the sandwich to hit the table and then pull it all out myself? " She was likely basically, yes. Umm... okay, again. I don't see how putting the turkey on the side of the plate destroys their culinary work of art but whatever floats their boat. It was hysterical. We were dying laughing, like this place takes themselves way too seriously and are a little stuck up. ha ha.

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