Monday, December 17, 2012

25 Days of Christmas - Rudolph Night!

Tonight I needed to keep it simple. My heart and head have still been very heavy from this week's events. So we had our traditional Rudolph Night. This is one my favorites and I remember the first time we did it so fondly. First I laid out some Rudolph and Reindeer books as well as Rudolph coloring books and crayons.

Then we got in our jammies and headed to Mommy's bed to watch Rudolph.

They love when Rudolph is "born"

And they get sad when Santa says his nose may make him not goof enough for the sleigh team, lol.

We love so many things about this movie!

And I love so many things about these girls!

But they LOVE when Rudolph and Clarice meet.

They love the scene so much they had to recreate it haha!!

We had so much fun! We love you Rudolph, see you next year! 8 more days to go...

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