Friday, December 14, 2012

25 Days of Christmas - Rise of The Guardians

Today was a hard day. A very hard day. And all I wanted t do was be around my babies. I picked Ryen up from pre-school with tears streaming down my cheeks. The preschool owners and teachers had not heard about Sandy Hook when I arrived. They were devastated. I did not want Ryen to know anything about it, so I just told her "because I missed you so much." Next we went to get Ella from school early too. By then I had dried my tears but Ella still asked when she came out from her classroom why I had been crying. "Because I love you so much" was my answer this time. I let the girls decide what was on the agenda for the rest of the day. First was slushies and milk shakes. Next was a dinner of soda, popcorn and candy at the movie theater to see Rise of The Guardians. A welcome distraction and a nice way to hide my swollen eyes and get away from the TV and Social media.

My loves...

The Guardians!! Easter Bunny, Santa and Tooth Fairy...

... and here is Mr. Sandman and Jack Frost (and the Easter Bunny again of course)

The animation was awesome, especially this fast paced ride on Santa's sleigh.

There were many funny parts in the movie where I was actually able to laugh a bit. But then I teared up again at the end when all these kids were outside building snowmen, having snowball fights and just being kids.

In the end Jack Frost is inducted as an official Guardian of Children and the irony was not lost on me that we are all Guardians of Children everywhere, not just our own.

11 more days to go...

RIP sweet Angels and the Teachers who selflessly guarded you on this day. My heart is broken.

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