Wednesday, December 12, 2012

25 Days of Christmas - 1st Grade Holiday Performance

On Wednesday the Carlson Elementary 1st Grade class had their Holiday Performance. Our precious Ella and her classmates sang Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanza songs to an audience of loving and proud family members. Going through these pics was hard and I had to fight back tears. Each face on this stage is around the same age as the victims of Sandy Hook. But I do believe we honor the victims every time we celebrate and honor our beautiful children.

The Carlson Elementary 1st Graders

My baby is middle on the right :) Tall kids are never up front ha ha

She loves to belt out her songs

And she was super excited to have a special part during Rudolph lol...

These kids are so cute

They did such a good job

And they were decorated so cute as Elves, Nutcrackers and Reindeers. Except for Ella's class. Not sure what they were supposed to be ;)

And look at this one... giving me the pouty pleeeeaaaaassssseeeeeeee Mommy (with hands folded in prayer) look after she heard them announce there would be cookies after the show.

And I just melt every time that dimple appears when she is so happy that I said yes!

And I delivered on my promise :)

Thanks to the Carlson music teacher, Mrs. Okawa for putting this together. It was a great show.

13 Days to go!!

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