Friday, December 7, 2012

25 Days of Christmas - Holiday Pottery Painting at Carlson Elementary

Tonight was a fundraiser for the Art Masterpiece program at Carlson Elementary. It was a Christmas themed pottery painting party. They were playing Christmas Carols and offered small to medium size fired pieces for painting. So the girls and I headed down for some fun!

Our Green plate... we're getting somewhere now.

The plate needed to dry so we bought some hot chocolate and cookies from the Student Council.

While the girls ate cookies I kept going on the plate... Starting to take shape.

Then it was time to finish the Santa portion of our cookie plate!

Ella did great but was painting too fast and not finishing any area before moving on to another one. Bunny needed some help keeping her paintbrush in the lines so she climbed in my lap.

Finally I gave them both a styrofoam cup to paint on while I cleaned up Santa as best I could and tried to fix imperfections. Here is what we ended up with folks!!

We make a good team! And yes, my crazy hair is a reflection of how crazy it was trying to paint something like this with a 4 and 6 yr old. I should have just gotten us each our own little ornament and let them go to town on it. But no... I chose an overachieving collaboration piece cause I am an IDIOT. Now I know for next time. ha ha

18 more days till Christmas!

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