Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bowling with Friends

Is there really anything cuter than a bunch of little kids in bowling shoes? OMG. LOVE IT.

Moms had to help in the beginning since most of them were first timers! :)

Some of the kids threw the ball so slow down the lane you could watch paint dry faster! Ha ha. So we took a seat to watch the ball rollllllllllllllll LOL

The kids had such a blast

Till they got mischevious...

and tired! LOL

The babies who couldn't bowl were entertained by all us Mommies loving on them :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Ryen's FIRST day of Preschool!!

Ryen went to Ella's preschool last year but she was in the baby room, mostly for day care purposes when and if we needed it. This school year however we enrolled her in preschool two days a week Tues/Thurs from August till January (the first half school year). Jimmy and I wanted to celebrate her first official day of preschool. Here she is on her first day looking so grown up...

Next we took her to lunch at Sweet Tomatoes (she loves it there)

Then it was off to get her something to remember this special day by... her FIRST Build A Bear! So she actually had TWO milestones this day!

She chose a pink Hello Kitty!! And quickly named her PINKY :)

She was not as shy as the time we came as a family to get Rudolph and Clarice but she was still a little timid.

She was fascinated though...

Waiting patiently

Shopping for an outfit

The finished product and hug test!!

What a special day for our baby!

Funny thing is... she was so excited about the outfit she picked out for PINKY. But as soon as we got home she stripped herself and Pinky naked. Pinky has never worn clothes since. My baby is definitely a nudist! ha ha ha