Friday, December 2, 2011

25 Days of Christmas- Santa Cotton Beard

So day two of our Christmas countdown had us referring to our advent calendar.

Today's activity was to make our Santa Beard project! This was found on Pinterest too. Reason #7,856 why I am obsessed with Pinterest!!

This project was super easy! I was directed to a graphic and poem that Alison used over at Oopsey Daisy. She used (2) 12x12 pieces of scrapbook paper and used another piece of scrapbook paper to conceal where the 2 papers met. (you could also use ribbon to conceal this as a cute alternative.) I decided to use one piece of scrap book paper that I trimmed down and I liked the look of the poem just centered hanging off the end. Either way works fine. (The Santa image I used, I am not allowed to share, so I created my own Santa head and poem that you can download here if you wish to do the same project!!)

This is such a cute idea! Except after the fact I realized that both girls would want to put a cotton ball on, and there would be 50 on there by the time Christmas came. So YES, I am now cutting cotton balls in half so each girl can still glue something on everyday!

Should hold up well, as long as I can get kids to not play with it too much and rip the cotton balls off. But what a cute daily reminder of who is coming soon...


  1. Brilliant. I was wanting something that could count down the day without forking out on some useless tat that would just lie around. Going to do one each for them. They were teasing me when I told them about it today as they are not exactly kids (15 & 11 !!) but were checking I had it they're not too old after all lol!

  2. I didn't see the link to download your version of the template? Was it still available?