Tuesday, December 20, 2011

25 Days of Christmas- Ryen's school Christmas pageant

Every year Ryen's school does a Christmas Pageant. And every year the number of people who attend seems to triple. Last year was standing room only in the school's play area. This year they moved it to The Grove Church in Chandler. And it was STILL standing room only.

Ryen talked all this week about her pageant. She went to practices at school, she knew the songs. She acted excited. I on the other hand, was very worried about a kid with a 6:30pm bedtime being awake enough for a 7:00pm pageant. Ryen was more than hesitant when we got there, and I was worried she was not going to be in the pageant at all. I encouraged her to try since she practiced so hard. When she went on stage her teacher gave her a pep talk.

I even snuck down to the front row hoping she would feel safe and comfortable if she saw me smiling and giving her thumbs up just feet from her. But no... it made her sadder. Just look at these pics (insert sound of Mommy's heart breaking)

But I was so proud of her. She stayed and played her part (which was a Christmas Tree by the way) in the play

But she couldn't wait for the "family" that bought her (the cutest Christmas Tree ever!) and took her home (aka <-- stage left) ha ha!

She came and sat with me and Ella after that and we did not make her get back on stage for the rest. I was so proud of her for what she did accomplish. So she sat in my lap and sang the songs her classmates were singing. And she sang them quietly but proudly from the backrow of the church. Sigh. I just love her.

She was however very happy to get a present from her teacher at the end of the pageant.

And Ella was MORE than happy to help her open it.

I sort of think these plays/pageants are too difficult for this age of kids and I would prefer if they had risers and sat all the kids at different levels and just let them sing Christmas Carols, with maybe a couple Christmas poems/stories read by a couple of the Pre-K/Kindergarteners. Either way it is so cute and I appreciate all the effort they put into it every year. Maybe next year Ryen will be more into it, ha ha!

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