Sunday, December 4, 2011

25 Days of Christmas- Oh Christmas Tree

A couple years ago we decided to put Christmas Trees in our girls rooms. So we got two small pre-lit 3 ft trees. We thought each year it would be great to add one ornament to their tree, and to let them pick it out. Yesterday was day 4 of our advent calendar so we took them to Target to pick their ornaments out. Here are their trees and a summary of their ornaments...

First we bought one for when they turned One (their initials)

So far Ella has picked the following in addition:

Ryen has only had one more ornament to pick. That was last year when she turned 2.

This year the girls picked out the following.

Ella picked a Guitar (cause she loves Hannah Montana) and Ryen picked a Lollipop (cause she loves lollipops and also cause it reminds her of her 3rd Candyland birthday party)

The girls love hanging them themselves...

There is something peaceful and a little magical about falling asleep to the soft glow of your own Christmas tree in your room. I know my girls cherish these and I hope they have this tradition with their own littles someday!

The finished product till next year :)

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