Wednesday, December 14, 2011

25 Days of Christmas- Fridge Magnets and Videos from Santa

Yesterday the kids got to play with some fridge magnet puzzles while I made dinner. There was a Frosty and a Santa.

The girls loved putting the puzzle together over and over and then switched so they could each get a turn with the other puzzle. And the best part is they get to play with these over and over. :)

After dinner they gathered in front of the computer to get their videos from Santa!! This is a tradition they look forward to SO much! They were so excited.

We watched Ryen's first.

Santa knew all about Ryen and the fun year she had. He mentioned her vacation to Boston and her special birthday party.

Then he gave her the best news. She was on The Nice List :)

After, Ella kissed her sister's cheek and rubbed her back and said I am so proud of you for being on the Nice List. How precious is that????

Then we watched Ella's.

Santa knew all about Ella starting Kindergarten and her trip to Disneyland!

She found out she was on the Nice List too and from the look on her face I think she knew it was touch and go. ha ha.

Santa gave them a few final reminders to be good and in customized ways (Ryen needs to stop throwing silly tantrums and Ella needs to always listen to her teacher)

Then we waved goodbye to Santa till next year!

Daddy got one too. But he was on the naughty list (just cause I was curious to see what the video said if someone was on the naughty list. He was my guinea pig! ha ha.)

If you want to make your kids a FREE customized video from Santa that will make them SO excited click here. Thank you Portable North Pole and thank you Santa!! :)

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