Wednesday, December 21, 2011

25 Days of Christmas- Gingerbread Tree

For the past two years the girls and I have made a Gingerbread house as one of our many Holiday traditions. This year I decided we would decorate a Gingerbread tree that I saw in a store. Seemed super cute and different. (also I thought it might be easier since those dang gingerbread houses and roofs can be hard to stand up in those stupid trays sometimes.)

We got our kit ready!

Rachel, Ella's good friend from next door, was over playing, so we decided to have her help! They were very excited!

First we went to work making the icing for the green leaves and the snow.

Next I put each kid to work on assembling the tree. Layer by layer they took turns spreading icing and stacking stars.

This is what we ended up with :)

Since they worked so hard they each got a reward ;)

While they ate their reward I started frosting with the white icing until... VOILA!

Next it was time to decorate the tree with candy.

As you can see by the candy in their mouths and hands, they were very eager for this part... hmmm wonder why!?

After a little bit, our friend had to leave so my girls finished it up together.

They did a great job! In the end this is what we ended up with

And these are the smiles and memories we can add to the Christmas 2011 Countdown! :)

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