Friday, December 24, 2010

Day 4... Giving Treats Day 3... Gingerbread Day 2... Reindeer Food

Day 4 we delivered Christmas goodies to the neighbors.

Or shall I say, Ella delivered them. She is on this kick where she tells us, "I am five now" so you need to stay in the car and let me go to the door by myself. When I gently correct her and say no honey you are four. She says, "I know but I am a big girl like 5 so I am gonna say I am 5." ok baby. Here she is all by herself ringing door bells and delivering goodies in the rain.

Our bags of goodies for the neighbors!

Delivering next door and excited to hit the rest of the neighbors.

I'm a big girl Mommy!!

Cheese! Ready to ring Hudson and Sawyers door...

Next stop is Amber's house! (she was SO excited!!)

I'm going Mommy!

Ok "No more pictures Mommy!" LOL

And I asked her when we got home, baby please don't be in such a rush to grow up. Stay little. And she said too late Mommy I am already so big. And she is right, I guess. BIG sigh. And if you are wondering why Ryen wasn't delivering goodies with us, it is because she was at home throwing up. Poor thing. Major stomach bug has been blazing through this area. :(

Day 3

We finally settled in for another Christmas tradition.

Gingerbread house!! Our Ginger bread was the BOMB. Came with good candy like M&Ms and Skittles and had a sugar Santa?? Come'on! Way cool!! The girls were so patient while I put it together.

Ok it's ready! 1-2-3 GO!

And since both girls were battling nausea I tried to tell them to go easy on the frosting and candy. Yeah right!

Our finished product:

They were so proud. I LOVE how they are looking at each smiling in this photo. I feel like they are saying "Yup... we did that!!"

They were so proud!

Day 2

A day early...

Reindeer food time!! Last year only Ella and I did this. Ryen was too little. This time she joined us. And last year we made our own reindeer food but this year we got it as a favor from The Glowackas at their cookie exchange.

Those of you not familiar with this tradition, it is easy and cute to start. The reindeer food contains dry oatmeal (or granola if you want) mixed with glitter. The oats are the reindeer food and the glitter shines and reflects moonlight. The story goes that the reindeer eat the food off the lawn while Santa is delivering the presents. And the shiny glitter helps the reindeer see your house from the sky. :)

So in the middle of Ryen throwing up AGAIN and emergency showers for all three of us, we literally all hopped out of the shower with hair still wet and uncombed and headed outside to sprinkle it on the lawn before bed.

(Ella sprinkled it around. Ryen dumped it all over her feet. LOL!)

Just wish you could see the glitter in the photo. :) My kids loved sprinkling it and cant wait for Rudolph to eat it. :)

I can't believe tomorrow (well today since I am posting after midnight) is Christmas Eve and our 25 day Christmas Countdown is coming to an end. That went by fast. And thanks to everyone who has asked me about the countdown or kept me honest by asking me to stop slacking when it had been a few days. It was hard to keep up with on top of everything else going on, and all the shopping/wrapping etc that the kids don't see. But I hope they look back at this month's posts when this blog is published for them, and think of it as their best Christmas ever. :)

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  1. Love the gingerbread house making in just the aprons. Easy clean up.