Wednesday, December 1, 2010

24 Days... Elf On The Shelf

My last post mentioned our Christmas Countdown calendar I created. Today we put it into practice.


This morning as the girls were eating breakfast our doorbell rang. "huh! who is it? who's here?" I kept asking them. They ran from the table to the door and both immediately starting peeking out the window. It was so cute...

as it turns out, it was an Elf from The North Pole, sent to us again this year to help keep tabs on my girls.

Our Elf brought the book with her so we read it to the girls to refresh their memory of how the Elf works (Ryen wont really get it till next year).

Then Ella named her Casie and we put her in the tree for the day. Tomorrow morning they will get to run around and look for her again...

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