Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 13... Christmas Aprons and Cookie Making

Tonight I gave the girls their custom ordered Christmas Aprons. I was so in LOVE with these when I got them in the mail like 10 months ago!!! LOL. I just look ahead to all the Holiday cooking and baking we will do together and it makes my heart smile. Here are their aprons...

They couldn't wait to try them on and model for me!

And of course I had to get myself one too! Here are the three of us getting ready to make some cookies tonight. :)

And we made Oreo cookie balls!!

And I had the best helpers...

They were my sprinklers!! And what a good job they did sprinkling these things!



  1. Could you three be any cuter? Too bad you look like their older sister. Good thing it says mommy on the front or I wouldn't have known lol;)

  2. We can't even eat our chocolate every day let alone do a planned activity... LOL!