Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 19, Day 18, Day 17... Oooops! ;)

Well I have not posted for the past three days about our Christmas activities, but we for sure have been doing them. Here goes:

Yesterday I was excited all day for the girls to get their emails from Santa. I had to wait for Ella to get home from school and for us to have dinner. Then they settled in to watch them. These videos are the COOLEST thing I have EVER seen. And the best part free!!! Check it out. PS Thanks to my friend Tanya Zachary for letting me know about it.

Here is Ella's reaction to first seeing her video from Santa, which you can watch here. I love that last photo of Ella in the bottom right. It looks like Ella is saying "Oh... Sh#%!" ha ha.

She loved when Santa opened his book and her face was in it...

and she loved when he mentioned her trip to San Diego and her Birthday party!

And he reminded her to take care of her sister and listen better to Mommy and Daddy.

And then it was Ryen's turn! You can see Ryen's video here.

Then Santa looked up Ryen in his "book!"

And Ryen was like "that's Me!!"

The girls loved these and we cant wait to do it again next year! Bye Santa!!

After our exciting videos from Santa the day before, on Day 18 we kept it low key. We ate our Christmas cookies that Ella made on Sunday and we watched Dora's Christmas Carol Adventure. In fact, it was SO low-key I didn't even take any pictures. lol

The kids LOVED it and have watched it 2 times already. They loved helping Dora teach Swiper to STOP swiping on Christmas.

Tonight Day 17, we watched Frosty's Winter Wonderland. We had never seen this before. We were so excited to see that Frosty gets married in this one!

We got in our PJ's again and grabbed a snack for a trip to the North Pole:

And we found Frosty there!

Once again they were captivated...

and this photo cracked me up... (ha ha my twins)

but they didn't like Sad Frosty at all. And neither did I :(

But then Frosty met his wife Crystal and Ella got really excited

cause they got married or as Ella calls it "living happily ever after"... seriously how flippin' cute is that?

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