Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

The presents are all wrapped. Everything is under the tree and separated into piles. Jimmy and I are wiped and ready for bed, just praying the girls will sleep a little later than usual. And this is my Mandy waiting very impatiently for her rawhide bone that she knew was wrapped and waiting on the table. She even tried whimpering to get us to break down and give it to her early on Christmas Eve. too cute...

Then... it's finally here! Christmas morning. Our babies slept in til 7am! YAY! And yes as crazy as that sounds 7am IS sleeping in to our early risers. So Jimmy and I were stoked!

We tried to have the chaos be organized, but it was just too hard with two kids so young, excited and impatient. My Mother wanted me to skype her so she could watch the kids open the gifts from her and Grandpa. But due to what time they had to be at my Sister's I had to have the girls open theirs first. So the laptop is on the floor and the girls are trying to open presents while Nana, Grandpa and Auntie Lori look on. And I am trying to bake cinnamon rolls in the oven for breakfast, courtesy of my friend Lisa.

I missed half of what they opened. And trying go get them to open things one at a time or take turns so we could see who got them what, was NOT happening. Jimmy finally told me to let it go and just let them tear into everything. So we did. :)

The presents that were the biggest hits...

I am slightly sad to say we didn't do anything, or go anywhere on Christmas. I didn't even get out of my jammies all day. Which is a first for me. But I tried not to focus on our lack of anything to do or anywhere to go and just enjoyed time with my family. Ella gave me like 5 hair and make up "make-overs". Ryen baked me 15 dozen Melissa and Doug cookies and our new Penbo Penguin "hatched" her baby penguin about 40 times! LOL. We did have a nice rib eye roast dinner too! yummy! Here are some MORE photos of our chaotic cozy Christmas.

Jimmy and I opening presents!

The doggies opening their presents...

The girls opening their stockings...

Ella gave her doll head a makeover for a long time, until she decided a make-over on a real person (me) would be more fun.

My husband puts this "roaring fire" on in every room of the house for me every Christmas so that I can feel like it is cold, wintry, and Christmas here. And because he knows how bad I wish we had a fireplace. LOL. It's really quite cute.

And Ella kept saying "just relax by the fire Mommy" as she was giving me my makeovers! So hilariously adorable.

Hoping everyone had a memorable Christmas this year! :)

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