Sunday, December 26, 2010

Zoo Lights

We wanted to take the kids to Zoo Lights on Christmas Night. But we were having some... uh hem... behavioral issues let's say. So we didn't feel it would be enjoyable, nor did we feel we wanted to reward said behavioral issues with a fun family outing. So we went the next night... on the 26th.

I always love seeing all the lights at the Zoo (over 3 million!!) but I have to say that I am thinking it is getting a little over rated. It cost us $24 to go see these lights and $6 for popcorn. And we were in and out in 90 minutes. So since next year Ryen is no longer free and it will cost us $32 just to get in, so I am thinking some snacks, blankets, circle k hot chocolates, throwing the red wagon in the back of the SUV and driving around to real cool neighborhood displays would be better for next year. :) I DO however, love all the photos I get!! Our favorites (most of which were Ella's favorite color... PURPLE!):

The girls loved the Talking Giraffe this year and he asked them their names etc which they LOVED.

We also had some Carousel Fun!

We had a good time!

More pics...

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