Friday, July 30, 2010

July Fun (part 2)

July was a real fun month for us! See the first half of our month by clicking here... Our second half of our month we filled up our hot sticky Summer days with good times, travels, good friends and good ice cream! ;)

Ryen got her first hair cut in July (no more mullet for this baby- ha ha):

We played Twister for the first time and even the dog wanted in on the action:

We went swimming at our friends house The Fisks who we don't hang out with as much as we should. We had a great time. (But their daughter Ryan became sick with an ear infection and zonked out on the couch, poor thing.)

I love the way Ryen lounges on her belly in the pool.

Ella practicing her freestyle swim and her diving:

And Bunny just being her adorable self :)

We also joined some friends at some of the local area pools a few times. (I had to take my crappy camera cause I was too afraid of ruining my good camera or having it stolen while I was in the water. Sorry in advance for the blurry and poor photo quality.)

Poor Ryen always gets way tired at the pool too cause we cut into her nap time. So she becomes like my third arm. :)

And my girl loves her water slides. From the baby ones to the really really big ones too (that she is tall enough to go down! Yeah)

We also had a fun filled Friday with friends where we went to a firehouse themed storytime and craft event at Barnes and Noble:

Of course Ryen colored her mouth instead of the paper. typical.

Then the kids played with toys and trains for a while (they always love it at B&N!)

Look who we bumped into at the mall this month?

Ryen was chasing him down when he was trying to go inside like "where do you think you're going pig?"

I felt so bad for the person in that suit- it was over 100 that day!

While the rest of us ate lunch Ryen literally pilfered every single gum ball and candy machine in the mall foodcourt. It paid off. She found a little handful of M&Ms and a few other treats. :)

The girls had fun riding the moveable toys at the foodcourt too!

We were swimming fairies with the neighbors this month:

And I took the kids to the AZ Museum for Youth for the first time. I have to say it was a little overrated for what I paid to get in. I can't really say we would be that eager to go back soon. But we had fun anyhow and got some real cute photos.

Look at my beautiful Geisha girls having Japanese tea!

Me and the girls also had a dance party on the stage at Barnes and Noble. My kids LoVe to go there. Which makes me happy since it literally is! :) They get to play with the train table. Look at, touch play with and read as many toys and books as they want. Ella loves to put on a show on the little stage and they love to sit in the Adirondack chairs. Only problem is the hideous yellow lighting in there always makes for bad photos and I should have changed the lighting settings on my camera, but was too lazy. :)

Check out Ella doing Thriller!! :) ha ha!

How FLIPPIN' cute is this hilarious photo of Ryen dancing!!!!!

Playing with toys! ("Momma I want this")

And of course in the mix of all of this business the girls and I even managed to sneak off to California for two days with our friends The Bernasconi's! See our photos of our California Trip here.

Our VERY busy Birthday Season kicked off this month. We have birthday parties or celebrations almost every week from now through December! And I LOVE it! My kids have so much fun and truthfully so do I. This month we went to a Gymnastics themed birthday party for our friend Dakota. I did not bring my camera so I have no photos. :( BOO

Next we went to Madison's birthday party at the Railroad park in Scottsdale and got to sit and eat in a vintage railroad car!!

Then we got to ride the carousel!

And take a train ride! (WE WERE MELTING BY THE WAY!)

Little Miss Independent one year old has to walk all by herself everywhere!

And then we had Balloons and Goody Bags!! What a great time!

Then we celebrated Baby Haven's FIRST Birthday. I remember when I was shocked to find out Danielle was pregnant AGAIN and then here she was, and now a year later she is already one. She is such a beauty and such a fun and loving baby. And she even forgave me for accidentally allowing her to roll off a lounge chair while I was putting sunscreen on her. I love her and when you see her photos you will melt. Ella was at school so Ryen and I went together to her party. Here goes:

And Ryen got in on the cupcake action too however she is shirtless cause I don't do well with mess like that and she was wearing a white tank top. :) hee hee

And today we had our last Birthday party of the month at one of Chandler's Firehouses. Our friend Daniel turned 3 and we got a tour of the frat-house (oops I mean Fire-house)! It was great. Here are some photos!


Almost all the kids from our tour...

Me literally: "Kids- beat it! It's the MOM's turn!" And Voila! Here we are! LMAO!

Cupcakes and Pizza at the afterparty!

Us goofing around at home with our souvenir!

This month Jimmy and I even snuck away from the kids for a few hours to go on a date to... dah dah dah dah.... a co-ed baby shower! :) We love Amy and Brian and were glad to be able to celebrate with them and their great family and friends. They have made quite a nice little home and community for themselves and we can not wait to meet baby Jackson! Congratulations you guys. I didn't bring my camera to the shower but here we are getting ready to leave.

Notice my super jealous dog Mandy at our feet. She hates when Jimmy and I try to cuddle or hug or even pose for a photo without her. She is so spoiled!

Ella started school again on July 26th, but we sill have plenty of fun ahead!! August will hopefully be just as fun and busy as July! And hopefully I can blog more often so I don't have to squeeze it all into two posts.