Sunday, July 18, 2010

Winter in July 2010

Yesterday we took the kids to the Phoenix Zoo's annual Winter in July. They bring in tons and tons of snow for Phoenician children (many of whom have never seen any) to play in and have snow ball fights! It was from 7-11am and I thought for sure we would be safe if we got there by 8am. WRONG. There was no parking at the zoo. We had to park in overflow parking and walk and there were THOUSANDS of people! Already! At 8am! But the kids had a blast.

First things first... we got our photo taken as a family on the way in... VOILA! (and Daddy had his eyes closed!)

Next thing we knew we "bumped" into SANTA CLAUS! He was chillin' in a Hawaiian shirt with candy cane striped stockings and flip flops. He was here on his "vacation". But he still had time to sit and take photos and ask Ella if she was starting to put things on her "list." Ahhh... don't worry Santa, she started a long time ago. Oy Vey!

Here are me and the girls (and Mommy's turn to have her eyes closed- ugh!)

Next we moved on to the snow piles! And here is where our real fun began.

Ryen's face is saying "stop telling me to stop eating it Mommy!" ha ha ha

Daddy taught the girls how to make snowballs... and taught Ryen how to throw one at Mommy!

Ella showing off her snowball. Ryen eating hers. lol

And this was Ryen's FIRST time seeing snow! So I was pretty excited for her.

It was a cute way to spend a hot morning and I look forward to next year.

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