Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Goodbye June!

June was crazy busy! How do you recap an entire month in one post?? With a real long one full of photos. So here we go....

First we started the month in San Diego. When we got home it was back to seeing friends and getting into our Summer routine. Mondays at the Zoo, Wednesdays at Summer Movie Camp and Fridays we spend with the same small group of 5 moms and 12 (soon to be 13 kids).

So we have been spending time keeping cool by swimming.

And what day of Summertime swimming would be complete without good friends?

And of course splash pads with water slides and caves are fun too!

And when we are too hot to be outside there is Daddy's personal favorite... our girls playing video games. (that is until Ryen somehow manages to get both controllers and sit on her sister! wth?? ha ha)

And something about the word Summer just invokes so much desire to stay busy, and do fun things and savor it while it is here (even though our Summer seems to be like 6 mos and not 3) we still fall victim to this thinking. So celebrate Summer with little things like:

Cotton Candy...

and firepits...

and dancing half-naked in loud Princess shoes.

Impromptu sleepovers where we play Hairdresser with friends,

and having buttery, yummy, Summery corn on the cob for the first time!

And in Summertime we love to to wear our bright colorful clothes,

and get a cup cake sugar high ! Ha ha (love the face!!)

Also in June I had the pleasure of having Ella be my date for my friend Keely's wedding reception. It was a kid friendly reception in her backyard (her and hubby had a private ceremony on the beach of San Diego so this was just a celebration with friends and family.) It was so nice and I had the best looking date there. She insisted on wearing her dress after she saw I was wearing my tuxedo dress. So she was my mini-me for the night. And we had to mark the occasion with a fun indoor and outdoor fashion shoot!! ha ha

Work it... work it... (PS Notice my dogs being complete camera whores. They would NOT get out of the shot... determined to be part of the fun! ha ha)

And Jimmy and I also took the girls to the city of Chandler's day of water play event at the downtown common. It was cute. They had these big water slide bouncers and baby pools with toys etc. Can't say we had a ton of fun. The lines were long, the girls preferred the $10 baby pools and the bubbles to the big bouncies. Ella went down a couple bouncy slides just fine, until we waited 20 minutes in line for the last one and she got stuck at the top, too scared to come down... yeah that was fun. NOT! Here they are having fun!


And Summer vacation brings some things that make Momma smile like:

Nostalgic throw back Happy Meal Boxes (instead of the cheapo paper bags)

An Ice Cold cup of deliciousness courtesy of my Hometown Favorite: Dunks!

My desire to bake with my kids (which I always usually regret later! ha ha)

Ella insisting on wearing pretty sun dresses all the time, and finally allowing me to pull her hair up...

And cutely napping quiet babies also = Happy Mommy!! :)

Bust most of all Summer Vacation means TONS of time to spend with my two girls making memories that will last a lifetime. And that is what truly makes me the MOST Happy Momma. I am truly lucky to be able to stay at home and raise them, and spend this much time with them. (Even if I develop a wine addiction by the time they are both in school full time, it will be worth it... ha ha!)

And of course we had one last trip to the zoo in June...

Goodbye June... hello even hotter weather and more adventures...

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  1. Looks like you all had lots of fun!!! Ella looks so tall next to Ryen wow. Miss you guys. Love you, Mom