Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hello my name is Ryen...

... and I am an ELMOholic

Jimmy and I recently got to do something really special with Bunny. We took her to see an Elmo live show at the Mesa Art Center. We did the same thing for Ella in 2008 when she was Ryen's age, so it was great to be able to share this same experience with our next Elmo junky! Although I griped about having to buy her an adult ticket and the entire show costing us $115 for the three of us (seriously?) it was a special gift I just HAD to give to her. And it was worth EVERY penny to see the look on her face.

Daddy carried her in and as soon as we turned the corner and she saw what inside she took off running.

And she is a smart cookie too cause she ran straight for the merchandise!! (a shopper at heart! sigh)

She was very excited and curious as we sat in our seats waiting for the show to start. She kept staring at the stage and wondering what was gonna happen...

And then it was SHOW TIME!

It was great to have this special family moment together

And I LOVED seeing how Happy she was through the whole thing, and how much fun she had...

... even the whole way home!

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  1. Omg... She melts my heart! I dont care how upset she is or how mean she is (yea right) She is one of the best children I know!

    I am so glad that she had such a blast at this!!! Love you Ryen!!! xoxo!

    P.S (I <3 all my Carilli's)