Sunday, July 4, 2010

2010 San Diego Family Vacation

This year our trip to San Diego was earlier than last year. We went the week of June 4th-11th. We traded our Orlando Disney time share to stay at the Welk Resort in Escondido. It was about 25 minutes North and inland of San Diego.

So we packed up the car and headed West!

The resort was great. It was very family oriented and our suite was great. We had a full kitchen with appliances a huge bathroom with jacuzzi tub and a separate bedroom where the kids could sleep so Jimmy and I could sleep on the pull out sofa in the living room. We also had an entire wall of sliding glass doors in both the bedroom and living room that looked out over the golf course. The resort had a rec room with air hockey tables and toddler playroom filled with fun toys (many of which we recognized from home.)

Here are some photos of us having fun at the resort.

We spent the first few days hanging by the pool at the resort and just relaxing. The girls loved it.

Then we took the girls to Queen Califia's Magical Circle in Escondido which is the only American sculpture garden. (Apparently there are some of these in Europe and the artist who created this and donated it to the city of Escondido was French.) It was a real cool sight to see and the girls had fun running around the giant maze looking for each other. There was so much stone, colored tile and glass and mirrors used in these sculptures.

Then it was off to LEGOLAND. Had it not been cold, windy and overcast we probably would have enjoyed Legoland more. But the June Gloom made it impossible to dry off, so we opted out of the new water park and the splash pad/pirate boating attractions (which would have been the kids 2 favorites). At least we have something to do next time we come back though.

After Legoland we hit the Sea Life Aquarium. One of these just opened in Tempe, AZ but this one was free with our Legoland ticket package so we took the kids through. Ella thought I was crazy when I told her and Ryen to climb in the tank with the fishies!

Both kids loved the Aquarium but Ryen especially loved the shark and sting ray tank where they swim overhead.

And seriously call us crazy but there was one stingray that took a liking to Ryen and kept coming back to her. And since they always look like they are smiling it was pretty darn cute.

Here is a great shot of Ryen's friend the Sting Ray...

And there is nothing like fishy kisses...

Later that night I ended up having to take Ryen to the Emergency Room cause she couldn't breathe that well and was crying pretty bad. Turns out she had CROUPE. Figures first time she gets sick and the first time I ever have to take one of my kids to the ER is in a strange city... But bunny was awesome. She was a trooper and all the doctors and nurses thought she was the happiest sick baby they ever saw. :)

We had to take it easy the next couple days and then we were finally ready to hit the beach! Mission Beach is one of my favorite places and I was looking forward to it ALL week. And when we got there it was raining, windy, cold and cloudy. But we still managed to get a family photo of us at the beach. :)

Seriously though?? I asked a passerby, hey when will this burn off? She said July. DOH! So we made the most of it. The girls held hands walking the beach and couldn't help but love on a cute dog they saw at the amusement area.

But we couldn't swim or make sand castles etc. Oh well. Life gives you lemons... throw em out and take the kids to Chuck E Cheese!

And you know it was a good vacation when your kid passes out at 5pm for the entire night in a naked baby face plant on the couch. Ha ha

Don't worry beach... I WILL see you soon! XO

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  1. AWESOME PICS! Looks like it was the dream family vacation with lots of memories! Beautiful!