Saturday, July 17, 2010

July Fun (part 1)

July has been busy for us and hot. Hot hot and more hot. But I love hot. Hot is sticky, hot is sweaty. I actually like it. I know it sounds weird but there is something so Summery about being sweaty, and a little sexy too I think. I picture Ashley Judd in that Samuel L Jackson movie "A Time To Kill" and think, oh yeah... if you play it right... sweaty can certainly be sexy! ha ha. But nothing beats the feeling of coming in the house after being out all day in the sun or in a hot car running errands with littles that have their long hair matted with sweat, and feeling that blast of cool air instantly tickle your skin and cool you off in seconds.

Funny thing happened this month. My 21 month laid on her back on our tile and she said Mommy with me. So I laid on the tile next to her on my back and OMG it was divine! It was so cool against my skin and felt so good. Better then sticking your face in front of an air conditioner or fan or slurping on a cold Popsicle on a hot day. It was awesome. Leave it to her to find an interesting way to cool down and teach it to us. She's too funny. And speaking of funny, Ryen laying on the cold tile reminds me of this photo below. I LOVE it! ha ha.

We have done a lot of fun things so far this month. We've had dance parties in the living room:

We also visited toy town a few times so the girls could "imagine play"

And I loved watching Ella play Mommy by feeding her baby and having her morning coffee! ;)

Where's Ryen?


Ella has been wearing her rain boots everywhere! Maybe it will work like an Indian dance and finally get us some rain!!! ha ha

And seriously though... how cute are they?

Both the girls have been really into coloring lately. So we have been creating lots of masterpieces this month. Ryen runs around constantly screaming "I color Mommy... I color!!"

We cooled off at the Mall (well they did at least...)

Friday July 9th was National Sugar Cookie Day. So Whole Foods in Chandler had free sugar cookie decorating for the kids. These sugar cookies were so big my friend thought they were pancakes. They had all natural toppings and frosting and it was real cute. They also passed out organic lollipops (who knew there was such a thing...)!

Their masterpieces (Ryen's is the smiley face. Obviously a certain Mommy helped her with that one! ha ha)

We also had our friends Kyle and Eva and their Mom Stephanie join us for this which made the morning that much more fun. :)

And the girls couldn't resist a spin in the car shopping cart before heading to McDonald's for lunch and play. :)

Speaking of McDonald's... our kiddos love meeting at Toddler Friendly McDonald's for lunch and play with some good friends. How cute do they all look? (Oh and this was Ryen's first time sitting with all the big kids without a high chair and she did great!)

More July fun to come but some of it will have to be in separate posts! Stay tuned! :)

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