Friday, July 16, 2010

Fourth of July Weekend

What better way to spend Fourth of July then with friends? This year it seemed so many of us were wondering what to do, and maybe it was the heat but it seemed nobody felt the desire to have a party this year. So spent the weekend hanging with friends and enjoying good food, good friends, and good times swimming and eating with the kids...

Saturday we had Michella and Brian over with their girls Makenzie and Madison. We swam (well except for Brian who came straight from work in jeans and had no change of clothes or bathing suit- poor guy). We also grilled some food and then on to those YUMMY cupcakes!!

And really... is there anything cuter than messy cupcake faces and littles laughing so hard at each other because of how goofy they all look?

The next day we went over to our friend Lisa and Steve's house to hang with them and their kids Riley, Madison and baby Landon (such a cutie)! First of all, let's check out the spread that was waiting for us at Miss Lisa's house (aka Martha Stewart #2):

The only thing I contributed to this photo was the red (strawberries) white (apples) and blue (blueberries) fruit salad in the bowl. Everything else was all her. Along with the jar of cake pops on a stick that I seriously ate ALL of. Ok maybe the kids got one or two but the rest I devoured. Yum!

We had a lot of fun playing in the pool.

Enjoyed a yummy dinner of grilled chicken, grilled corn on the cob, and broccoli, of course followed by YUMMY CUPCAKES AGAIN!!! ha ha

Cheers to a good dinner and good times...

Followed by some good old fashioned drunk driving... ON MARIO CART THAT IS!!! Ha ha ha ha

And my Bunny looked so cute that day...

...but not as cute as she looked kissing her boyfriend Landon

And then a bubble bath with the girls to end the night...

Ok so... I already published this post but had to go in and revise it cause Daddy reminded me that I forgot to mention that on July 4th Ella had her first EVER sleep-over. Poor little Madison came downstairs and asked if Ella could sleep her. Her Daddy told her No honey, I dont think so. And she hit meltdown crying mode. It was so heartbreaking. Then I started offering to maybe bring Madison back to our house for a sleep over, which I thought might be more in Jimmy's and mine's comfort level. But after Ella started begging too we finally decided to give it a try. Steve sent us this cute photo of the girls sleeping together.

In the end it went great. The girls even attempted to sneak out of bed at like 4am and raid the fridge for milk and yogurt... ha ha. But they were ushered back to bed pronto. ;) Thanks Steve and Lisa for being so great to her and giving her that first experience, and for putting up with insanely worried neurotic parents!!!! ha ha

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