Monday, February 20, 2012

No School = Zoo Day!!

I have this problem where I feel an immense amount of guilt if I don't take the kids (specifically Ella) to do something super fun on Holidays or vacation days when she has no school. I just feel bad that we spent our days doing things like this when she was younger, and now that she has this "daily grind" of school 5 days a week she gets to do them much less. So she chose the Zoo and off we went today along with 6 million other people in our city. Great!

Today we had our friend Rachel join us for the day. We started with a breakfast of hot chocolate, orange juice, donuts and fruit :)

Next we headed to the zoo. I didn't take a ton of pics at the zoo, but I got a good amount. We started out at The Stingrays. This was the first time we went in to pet them and the girls tried but got a little spooked at times. Next we headed over to the koi fish pond.

Our friends Kim, Kendall and Kiera joined us at the zoo today. Yay! We saw the Elephants first.

We saw the Orangutangs (our favorite!!)

We took a break for lunch and to play in the caves before we saw the monkeys!

We saw a few more animals before saying goodbye to our friends. Then it was time for the carousel!

Striking a pose on our way out of the zoo ;)

This was how we spent most of our day and I got a good workout!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Our doggies love the dog park... and our kids too :)

We recently started taking our dogs to the dog park around the corner from our house. There is a big playground across the way, so I take the human girls to play while Daddy takes our doggy girls to play :)

After our playtime we went and joined the doggies to see how they were enjoying theirs! They were making friends and exploring.

Ella was a great shot with the ball thrower!

Don't worry Big Sister will show you how Ry Bunny!

"Let it rip Ryen!"

They were shy and stuck close to us. And Cali Beagle howled quite a bit! LOL

The kids loved seeing all the varieties of dogs

And running around chasing after some :)