Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ella's 5th Birthday Night Owl Pajama Party

Ella has been wanting to have a sleepover for her 5th birthday forever. She is the youngest of all her friends in the neighborhood and some of her friends had one for theirs. She was so excited. But she also wanted a few other friends to join in the fun. So we compromised on a Pajama Party where most of the girls would be picked up to go home and only the neighborhood girls who wanted to, would sleep over.

So her theme was a Night Owl Pajama Party!

Her colors were Pink, Turquoise, Orange and Green :) We found some cute owl stuff at Oriental Trading Company which became the theme for our party. We matched the invite, colors, and decor to match.

We converted the dining room floor into one giant bed with pillows, blankets and sheets where the girls could lounge and eat their dinner and treats.

The girls loved it and were lounging immediately and begging to sleep there.

Dinner was pizza and assorted chips with rolled up silverware and napkins secured with a candy bracelet for each girl.

We also had a milk bar complete with white, chocolate or strawberry milk, served out of these mason jars that were converted into glasses with lids and straws to match the party decor. The kids LOVED them!

Here they are having dinner.

After dinner we made an owl craft where the girls decorated purple felt owls. (purple is Ella's favorite color)

We applied tattoos and glow necklaces

We played with light up balloons

Next the girls were given owl goodie bags with their own plush owl and an adoption certificate.

We had a very nervous looking pinata and an eager group of girls ready to bash the $h!t out of it. ha ha!

And boy did they!!! LOL

We had a dessert/treats table that was one of the highlights of the party.

The table featured marshmallow pops, owl cupcakes, an owl cake with feathers, birdcages held owl and owl "egg" cake pops, buckets with owl food (colorful tootsies), smarties (to make you wise like an owl), lollipops and airhead candies.

Owl Cake

The girls sang happy birthday to Ella and then we ate lots of treats and cake :)

After cake it was time for presents

Then we headed outside again for our last surprise!


After our friends who weren't staying over went home, those who were staying, settled in their blankets and pillows to have popcorn and to watch Ramona and Beezus (Ella's choice). All of them were asleep by 11:15 and all slept until 7:15!! I got lucky! LOL. In the morning it was breakfast with friends of rainbow confetti pancakes and fruit!

She had a wonderful birthday and a fabulous party! She still talks about it and I am so glad to be able to give her such a great time with her friends.

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