Thursday, November 10, 2011

Canobie Lake Park

I have not been to Canobie Lake park since I was in high school. Me, and 3 friends from high school all drove up there for an adventure. I have the photos to prove it and my friend Katie has the tattoo souvenir that she got at Tattoos By Benny on the way home, LOL. This time however I went back as a Mommy and brought my two littles. So I assure you there were no trips to the tattoo parlor on the way home :)

Look how cute my girls' hair looked thanks to Auntie Lori

Look how sweet this is. Ryen asked Justin to walk with her, and he took her by the hand and walked her through the parking lot. sigh. Cousins are the best. :)

Hello MJ. I still ADORE you!

Can you tell!?

Nana came with us to the park and so did my WAY TOO GROWN UP Goddaughter Kristina. I held her at her baptism and now she has boobs. Seriously?? Where the heck does the time go. LOL Sorry Kristina! ;)

Our first stop was the Water Park. This was a water play area on steroids. You could not climb up anywhere or walk anywhere without getting sprayed in the face or have a bucket of water dumped on you. Needless to say my two weren't crazy about it as a result.

The biggest disappointment though was that the water slides had an age requirement and not a height requirement. So kids who were shorter than Ella were running up the stairs and heading down the slide cause they were 6 but Ella was turned away for being 4. That annoyed her cause she is so tall she has not been turned away from a water slide in a long time. So she got bored fast and since Ryen hated the spray and got yelled at by an employee every time she tried to sit or lay down in the water pools, we decided to call it quits and enjoy the rest of the park.

We started by taking a break for lunch:

Afterwards we headed over to the Michael Jackson show :) Which the kids loved. And it was SO good by the way. This guy is incredible! (And I just found out he is coming to Phoenix around my birthday next month for a show at Talking Sticks Resort!)

After the show we split up for a bit cause my kids could not go on a lot of the rides the bigger kids went on. We started at the bumper cars!

We went on the big cars too:

My favorite pics of the day are my cuddles I got while waiting in line :)

Next we hit the carousel.

Rollercoaster time!

Over the rainbow in the hot air balloons with Nana!

Taking a rest from all the fun!

We bumped into a special friend on the way to the giant water coaster that kicks up a ridiculous splash that soaks everybody standing on the bridge.

The kids LOVED it! It was a great and fun way to cool off on a hot day!

We all did! :)

I was so surprised when Livvie, Justin and Ella all said they wanted to go on it. There was NO adult willing to go get drenched with them, and they were like... "we got this". And check out the badasses sitting in the front row.

Ryen was getting very tired and had enough of being wet. Lucky for her she had so many to love on her while the big kids rode the ride. And lucky for them she was in a VERY cuddly and kissy mood. :) She can wrap you around her finger and melt your heart QUICK!

Photo ops :)

Ice Cream time!

I wanna be Big!! :)

Mommy says NO WAY... NOT YET! ha ha

Bubble fun!


Mini Elevator drop ride

My girls weren't sure about it at first, ha ha!

But they loved it!

Our last adventure was the Timber Splash water log coaster.

Ryen was super excited!

We all had fun and didn't get too wet on this one.

We were lucky enough to get the kids changed into their jammies and into the car before a huge downpour! One of the worst I have seen in a while and it was so hard to drive home, cause Massachusetts highways dont have the reflectors in between lanes they only have the white painted stripes that you can barely see on those dark highways in the rain. it was a nail biter the whole way home, but we made it home safe.

We had such a great day it was one of my favorite days of our trip to Boston!!

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