Friday, October 7, 2011

Ryen's 3rd Candyland Birthday Party

For Ryen's 3rd Birthday I really wanted to have a Candyland birthday theme for her. She loves the game, is always walking around with the little gingerbread pieces (and losing them) and she loves candy. It was a no brainer. As I was in the throws of planning a party at my house and my mind was coming up with all sorts of ideas for banners, wreaths, candles, decor, etc, she throws me a curve ball and says she wants to have it at one of her favorite places... Peter Piper Pizza.

Because we are taking the kids to Disney next week for Ella's 5th Birthday I was on a budget for this party, and had to keep the guest list small. So we had to cap it off at 15 kids. Some of our friends didn't get to celebrate with us, and that makes me sad. So how do you have a cute party at Peter Piper Pizza where Momma can still have lots of cute touches and decor and wow her baby so that it brings her so much joy? Oh there are ways, believe me :) Enjoy the photos!

Invites/Matching printables were double sided in every color of the rainbow and covered in spray glitter.

Table decor included colored paper placemats, colorful playdough party favors, colorful hugs juice boxes with straws, candyland game cards scattered around, colorful pails filled with different candies from the game and large giant swirl lollipops. We also had little lollipop and peppermint candy soaps found in a dollar bin at Michaels that were perfect for the tables also.

Gift table:

The dessert table featured a candyland board, a cake decorated to match, cake pops and large spiral pop decorations :)

The Birthday Girl wore a Candyland game board dress :)

My beautiful girls:

So many friends came to celebrate our baby girl :)

The kids had a blast playing lots of games after lunch

Time for Cake and cake pops!

My pretty girls!


Thank you to EVERYONE who celebrated with us and made our baby girl's day so special! Love you xo

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