Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy THIRD Birthday to my Sweet Girl Ryen!

I can not believe another year has passed since Ryen turned 2. Where does the time go?? Now my baby is 3 today! As I said last year and will probably say every year, I could not even begin to imagine this house or this family without Ryen in it. She is so adorable. On your birthday here is a little about you my love...

You are starting to finally give me a run for my money. You want what you want when you want it and you ask for it over and over and over and over and over till you get it. You don't like to hear no cause you are not really used it to that much. Mostly cause you used to ask once for something and when we said no, you just said "ok" and that was the end of it. Now however, you hear no and a tantrum starts. You pretty much hardly ever needed to go to time out and now you have to go a lot and you don't even know what to do when you are in it, other than scream and cry :/ ugh... LOL But your tantrums don't last long and when they are over you are back to your sweet lovable self.

You are very smart. You talk amazingly well for your age and you understand concepts that are way advanced for your age. Your preschool teachers love you tons and they think you are so adorable. They always tell me how smart you are and that often you are the only one who knows the answers to their questions. You can say your ABCs, sing lots of songs, can count to 19 in English and 10 in Spanish.

You LOVE Max and Ruby, Little Ensteins, Barbie Movies and Dora. You literally are a TV junkie when you are home!! I can not get you to play with toys and you cry when we are home if you can not play on the computer or the TV. I don't like this, feel like I am to blame and wish you would play with more toys. After Fall break my resolution is going to be to set limits on your TV time and just deal with the aftermath of your crying for awhile. You love fruit snacks and you love milk. You dont like to eat... EVER. I have to fight with you and force you to eat at every meal. I even pick up a fork and feed you at almost every meal. I know I shouldn't but as your Momma my heart aches when you don't eat. You have no butt so I need to fatten you up and give you Momma's booty! :)

You LOVE bubble baths and you LOVE SWIMMING in the pool! You can swim all by yourself now. You love to sing and you love playing outside which we haven't done in like 6 months CAUSE THIS HAS BEEN THE HOTTEST AND LONGEST SUMMER EVER. You also are obsessed with dogs. All dogs. You love to play with them, hug them and kiss them. You love Ella and you love to play with her and her friends. You follow her around sometimes and get mad at the times when she doesn't want to play with you. You fight back HARD now and you love to tease her and tattle on her :/

You LOVE Jellybeans! You love going to school. You love eating ice cream so much that you clothes your eyes sometimes when eating it and it is hilarious. You talk NON STOP and sometimes it drives me crazy. You are high maintenace, A LOT and quite bossy. Hopefully this will go away. You LOVE ME so much it makes me feel WHOLE inside. You yell out to me a few times a day "Mommy, I LOVE YOU" for no reason at all. You love to cuddle, and kiss me. You try to outdo your kisses everytime trying to find "the biggest kiss ever". You love to play Hide N Seek and you love to GIGGLE! You love when I chase you around the house. You LOVE Holidays and are finally old enough to understand birthdays and you have been asking so much about today.

You are still bashful and shy with strangers. You can be clingy to Mommy. You also LOVE to say "Are you kidding me Dude??" and it cracks people up when you do. :) You were potty trained in like two days right after the New Year and have NEVER had one accident since. Thank God cause potty training the first time around was not as easy for us :)

You are an amazing little girl with the sweetest disposition and personality. Happy Birthday my Baby Girl. You have a piece of my soul... And with that, here are your Birthday ABCs:

A: affectionate
B: bossy
C: caring
D: demanding
E: early riser
F: funny
G: gorgeous
H: happy
I: intelligent
J: joyful
K: kind
L: loud
M: manic
N: nice
O: obnoxious
P: persisten
Q: quizzical
R: relentless
S: sensitive
T: tiny
U: unique
V: vexatious
W: wise
X: x-citable (cheating)
Y: young
Z: zealous

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  1. She is so beautiful. Seriously the sweetest face ever. I love the ABCs too, you have the best traditions.