Monday, September 19, 2011

Somebody's Getting CRAFTY! ;)

I have decided it is time I tackle some of my misgivings. Like cooking, sewing, and crafting. Here we go with some of my recent projects!

A "designer" clipboard. Ella has a monthly homework sheet that we work on all month and then turn in at the end of the month. We haven't really had a place to keep it where it wasn't getting lost. So I decided to try my hand at making her a funky clipboard. I took her to the dollar store to grab a clipboard. Then we hit the craft store where I let her pick out two complementing papers. With some modge podge we were able to attach it to her clipboard to give her something customized just to her liking.

And it came out all screwed up. Ha ha ha ha. But not bad for my first offense and for the fact that she is going to destroy it in a month anyway and I will be making her a new one. This time the correct way. I already know what I did wrong and have learned from it. So it's all good. This is a learning curve! :)

OH and Ella LOVES it. She doesn't know I screwed up she just thinks I am Super Mom! lol

The next thing I worked on was a frame for Ryen's Candyland birthday party which is coming up fast. So I started with a wooden craft frame! Then I covered it with purple glitter paper that Ella picked out as well as some candy stickers and other embellishments, including my favorite. The big swirly R! :) (Sorry the photo looks like crap. Standing on one foot trying to take it made it blurry.)

I also decided to take a crack at a project I saw on Pinterest. It was candy jars on candle stick holders. But I decided to go with Gold hue cause I think it works well for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I got curved jars cause I thought I liked the way it looked, but now that I see them with the candy in (my kids have already stolen some) I am going to go back and get straight jars. I also chose not to glue them to the candlesticks cause I wanted to be able to rinse them or clean them if needed.

Oh and I even tried my hand at my giving myself a fall themed french manicure. :)

I have lots more projects in the works. :) Stay tuned!

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