Saturday, July 3, 2010

May Fun (Train Park, POLE dancing, and Children's Museum!)

May was a fun month for us. But a busy one too. We tried to hit some of the major attractions in the area before it got too hot and before the schools got out so that we could enjoy these places without dealing with the crowds! First stop was the McCormick Stillman Railroad Park where we met up with friends for a day of fun! It was great.

I just love the ambiance here. It looks old and historic to me, kind of nostalgic. The old trains available for touring add so much to the place...

And my girls loved exploring and playing!

And what trip to the train park is complete some of your girlfriends...

...and a ride on the carousel!

And of course when we took the kids to the playground all they wanted to do was hit the sand! Maybe they are all beach babies at heart!?

My girlfriends and I decided to take a fitness based POLE dancing class in May also! I loved the motto of the dance studio painted right on the wall of the waiting area... "Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes"

I firmly believe this and it is something I am trying to live by and something I am trying to help my girlfriends believe. Once you have sacrificed your body for child rearing you really need to let go of this ridiculous standard society has set that we strive to live up to. And we should just enjoy being our fabulous selves (stretch marks, cellulite and breastfed saggy boobs and all). And FABULOUS we are! Check us out:

We had so many laughs! It was hard to take photos cause the room was SO dark. But we managed to grab some good ones.

It was a little awkward in the beginning but once we started doing it and loosened up and starting not taking ourselves so seriously it was a lot of fun! And we learned a cute little routine for our Husbands! :)

We also went to the Children's Museum before school got out. With the exception of me getting into an argument with a retired male OLD museum employee who was treating me and my Mom friends like crap and telling us how to parent out children in the most rude and disrespectful way, we had a real good time with our friends! The girls always go nuts at the museum and like seeing and touching everything they can!

Ryen was fearless when it came to running blindly through "noodle forest". I was impressed! She was also fearless when it came to licking the giant ice cream cone at the pretend ice cream cart. UGH! Blah!!

Here are some more of my favorites from their time at the museum.


  1. The pole dancing is so hot. I am sad I didn't go now because it looks like you all had a great time.

  2. OMG Jill nice shot of my huge butt! That class was so fun! Must do again!