Saturday, July 3, 2010

Weekly Trips to the Zoo!

I have not blogged much in a while. We just have been so busy this Summer traveling, playing, swim lessons, exploring the Zoo and Museums, reading, swimming and sleeping! :) Basically as Kelle would say "sucking the marrow out of life" But I promise to get caught up.

We got a jump start on Summer but deciding to commit to hitting the Zoo once a week throughout the entire Summer. We are zoo members and can go whenever we want for free. So we decided to get use of this asset. May weather was crazy. One day it was windy and cold and we were all freezing. The next day was super nice out and breezy and comfortable, the next time it would be hot and we were sweltering- but we make do. The kids never care and a little sweat never hurt anyone. My favorite part about trips to the zoo is the cool free photo souvenirs I get. Ok so technically they are not free and I do steal them from the zoo photo website (hence the big PROOF word on them). But I still think they are cool to share. Here are some of my favorites:

And of course we have our own photos of fun with friends:

And photos of our special trip with Aunt Lori before she moved back to MA :(

I finally had someone there to take photos of me and my girls! (Thanks Lori)

Both of them had fun going down the tunnel slide:

And of course who can forget about the animals... oh the animals!!

How about this little guy who just walked right up to us cause he wanted our cheerios. Ever seen anything as cool as this?? He must have really liked those cheerios cause he rewarded us by fanning his feathers.

And how about this one... while visiting our favorite baboons one of them perked up when he saw us coming and was chatting with us through the glass. One of the perks of coming to the Zoo so much is you make friends... The girls loved it!

And of course there is always the Carousel. A trip to the zoo is not complete with out the magical music and blinking lights of our beloved carousel. The place where my girls give out the most smiles, giggles, and excited squeals as their animals of choice ride up and down and we carousel in circles. They love it... it is our weekly tradition. And shhh.... Mommy loves carousels too.

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