Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 8... Christmas Parties Galore!

Today was all about Christmas Parties! Yay! Our favorite part of the year!

Our first party was at school. It started off with Show and Tell. Where my skinny minny got to show off her new dress and the bow in her hair (only because there wasn't supposed to be show and share and we had nothing to show lol!)

Then she made a cute Christmas craft.

Then we had some goodies.

After, we grabbed Ryen and headed to our friend Adrianna and Mackenzie's house for our 4th annual Christmas Party and gift exchange! It was so fun! Adrianna made a yummy mexican lunch for everyone. And we had cupcakes and treats. Just check out the Christmas cupcakes I made! Christmas tree cupcake toppers on store-bought cupcakes with a licorice wrapped starburst and a teddy graham cracker and voila!!! :) They were almost too cute to eat.

The kids destroyed the house and Adrianna is so laid back about it. I could never be! LOL. They decorated cookies.

And then we gathered them all in the living room to have the gift exchange. They all sat patiently waiting for every kid to get their gift before they opened them.

And here's my two :)

They actually got great gifts! Ella got this Angelina Ballerina game and Ryen got a real cool ice cream scoop stacking game that teaches colors and counting. And silly me left them at Adrianna's house. Hopefully they are in good hands and Mackers hasn't ripped into them yet... but hey anything left behind is fair game right? ha ha ha.

Thanks for having us Adrianna! Great time as usual. Merry Christmas to all the NDMs.

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