Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 20... Christmas Potpourri

Today marks 20 days till Christmas! It is going fast! And Jimmy still hasn't given me his Christmas List. BIG sigh... Here goes:

Due to our big Christmas festivities last night we decided today to keep it simple. So we just spent all day having little Christmas things. First we had candy canes as our mid morning snack! mmm... yum!

Later we colored in our Sesame Street Christmas coloring book.

Next Ella went to a birthday party for her friend Izzy where they baked Christmas shaped sugar cookies and then decorated them afterwards!

Lastly, we pulled out the bouncing ball snowglobes, which is every parents answer to the dreaded glass snow globe. My kids can drop these, bounce these, throw these and have a grand old time with them, and I am not cleaning up glass, water and glitter. We have two a Santa and Rudolph. But I couldn't find Rudolph when it was time to write this post. :)

Hope everyone has a great and festive week!

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