Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 11... Failure Day 10... Letters from Santa :)

Day 11... equals... BIG FAILURE

I completely did not do any Christmas related activity with the girls this day. Just too much going on and no time to squeeze it in. But the women at the bootcamp day care did sing Rudolph and other Christmas Carols with them, so perhaps that counts? And we had special edition candy cane oreo cookies. Does that count too? Oh well. Not everynight can be like the night before. :)

Day 10... Letters from Santa!!!

They were specially post-marked from The North Pole.

They were so excited to get them.

Their letters were customized.

Ella was so excited she kissed her letter.

They were so excited to receive their door hangers for their bedroom door, and Ella loved the part on the bottom that said she was an official member of Santa's nice list. She clapped and squealed with excitement. :) And they also got a coloring activity booklet to work with.

These cost me $9.99 each and were definitely worth it.

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