Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 21... Chandler Christmas Tree Lighting

So not sure why we look forward to this so much every year, but we do. We have gone 2 years straight and it is our family tradition. It is the "official" place where we take the kids to see Santa every year. There is the Parade of Lights that the kids love. And now they are getting older it is getting slightly more enjoyable to have them out later and actually get close to seeing the whole thing. We ALMOST made it to the end tonight. Maybe next year??? Last year we didn't get to do everything we wanted and the lines were so long. And I got stuck on the opposite side of the road as Jimmy when the parade started and we were separated for a good portion of it before I grabbed Ella and ran across the street during it. But this year we had a plan, and a strategy. ;) And we had a good night.

Our first stop was Santa's House again for the girls to say hello and get a picture with him. Here they are patiently waiting in line, getting excited! (PS: These pics are the first time I have EVER started to think they are starting to look alike)

Ryen is actually old enough to sit on his lap all by herself. We were curious if she would freak out. Happy to report no tears. No smile either. But no tears. Here are their pics:

I have yet to have either of my kids give me one of those freakish Santa pics where the kid looks terrified and is covered in tears. I am slightly disappointed as I think every family should have one of those tucked away somewhere to laugh about later.

Next it was on to the main stage to watch the dancers perform. This is Ella's favorite part! We got front row and watched. Here they are waiting for the performance to start. (And the photographer for the Arizona Republic must have thought they looked just as cute as I did, cause she snapped a photo of them too and asked me for their names and ages for the newspaper!) And AGAIN I think they look just alike here. WTH?

And here are the dancers we watched (From Studios Of Ocotillo in Chandler)

Next it was on the Bounce houses where it is impossible to ever get good pics. But here are two for the heck of it:

Ella did some goofing around (PS That is the Chandler Christmas Tree on the left she is in front of. Made of all fire-proofed tumbleweed from the desert, spray painted white and decorated with lights.)

Next it was on to THE PONY RIDES. I am was so bummed last year cause by the time I realized there were pony rides they were over cause the horses get spooked during the parade and they can't do rides during it. This year I was determined to get them on them. How cute is Ryen's little baby pony?? And I just LOVE this look on her face.

They did LOVE it however and asked to go again. And the best part... it was FREE. Thank you City of Chandler. :)

After we took a popcorn break and watched some musicians play.

Ryen loved to clap for them in between songs! (she is so cute)

And sure as heck we had a dance party! My girls thought they were the show. Especially Ella, who didn't clap for the musicians but instead BOWED after every song like everyone was clapping for her. (OY VEY!!)

Then we got bundled and ready for the parade to start!

And here it is...

This was my girls favorite! The polar bears with the penguins! So cute!

But they LOVED all the girls from the dance troupes!

And they loved seeing The Grinch:

And they loved The Chandler School Districts "float" this year. It rocked!!

And we exclaimed as we drove out of sight... "Merry bedtime for the girls and to Jimmy and I a good night!"

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