Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day 6... Coloring/Open Presents Day 5... Charlie Brown Christmas!

After a busy busy weekend of back to back Christmas events we laid pretty low in the beginning of this last week before Christmas!

Day 6

Ella colored in the girl's Merry Christmas activity books that they got included in their Santa letters while Mommy prepared some goodies to be delivered to our neighbors.

We also had the girls practice their "present opening skills" to get ready for Christmas Day. No, we did not give them presents early, these were birthday presents from Auntie Lori, that came a little late.

Poor Ryen wasn't feeling good and had gone to urgent care that night for a bad ear infection, so she was a party pooper and we opened hers for her...

And look at these adorable BUNNY jammies that Lori picked out especially for our Ry Bunny! :)

Day 5

We ate the sugar cookies our neighbors delivered. Ryen was VERY excited!!

Then we settled in to watch Charlie Brown Christmas together

I love this show. :)

Once again... it was a first for Ryen, cause she was too little last year. :)

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