Friday, December 3, 2010

The Doom Family

Many of you saw my previous post with the photos I took of my friends The Schneiders. Well another set of friends, The Doom Family, asked if I would take photos for them too. Since I love love love practicing with my new lens, I figured why not. I was so nervous during this shoot, cause Dad hates having his picture taken and was pretty much asking me after every shot "Are we done?" "Is that it?" LOL!! So I felt rushed and was worried I wasn't going to get any good ones. But I actually LOVE the way these photos came out.

We chose to do them at my neighborhood park cause one of the things I noticed while driving by the other day was that the grass was ridiculously GREEN! I thought it would make for some great photos and I think I was right. Especially since this family was wearing black. The colors in these photos just POP!! Here we go! The rest of my favorites:

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  1. Great job Jill. I think I might be coming to you next Christmas! :)