Saturday, December 25, 2010

Day 1... Christmas Eve

Well, here we are! The big day. Or should I say, the day before the big day. ;) Christmas Eve was always such a big deal growing up. My parents had a party every year and our house was always full of food, family, and fun. Presents were exchanged and opened, belly's were full and people telling us they could hear reindeer hooves on the roof and we better hurry up and get in our beds. LOL.

Since moving here we have struggled to really establish a lot of Holiday traditions. Many of our friends had traditions with their families already. So now when it comes to Thanksgiving and Christmas we wait for a family to adopt us like we are homeless. LOL. The one tradition we did for the last four years was Zoo Lights on Christmas Eve, but Ryen was still getting over her throwing up and had a set back the night before, so we didn't want to have her out in the cold or running around the zoo. So here goes our last day of The Countdown:

Christmas Eve! We started by going out to dinner at Keegan's Grill. We shared some apps, and a yummy Filet Mignon dinner.

After dinner, we were invited over our to friends The Fisks' house for a Holiday party.

When the kids got tired we headed home to put them to bed and finish wrapping presents for the big show the next day :)

All done and ready for some excited little girls in the morning.

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