Thursday, December 3, 2009

Let the festivities begin!

The Carillis have started getting in the Christmas Spirit over here a little more lately thanks to some fun Christmas activities. You should see our social calendar this month, it is laughable how many Christmas things we are trying to squeeze into a 25 day span! Ha ha! But we love it and so do the kids. Here are some photos of Ryen getting in the Christmas spirit!

Yesterday we took the kids to a free event at Tumbleweed Rec Center where Ella has pre-school. There was a Christmas expo and Frosty the snowman was there for photos, as was a bounce house. Here are photos of the kids meeting Frosty. Ryen was fascinated and laughing and walked right up to Frosty and started petting him. She only got mad and started crying when frosty put one of his giant paws around her. Then she was like! But she didn't even freak out she just started whining and walking away from him. But later she kept going back to him and kept trying to sneak in other people's photos. Here is their photo shoot with Frosty!

Today we went to make Gingerbread Houses with friends. Here are those photos. We had a great time. Tomorrow more festivities and Saturday is the big event. Chandler's Christmas Tree Lighting and parade! Yeah!

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  1. So lovely! It looks like your holiday season is off to the right start!