Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Parties

Ella and Ryen had two holiday parties with their friends this month. One was at our house (16 moms and 23+ kids) CRAZINESS!!!! But it was fun! The kids did great. We had a potluck with so much good food and a dessert "table" that would have made any persons mouth water. It was awesome! The kids did a secret Santa gift exchange and they loved opening their presents from each other. It was so much fun! Thanks to everyone who came over and celebrated the season with us. Here are some adorable photos! (check out santa and mrs clause in the top right! Ha ha ha ha!)

The following week we had a playdate with our other playgroup friends. All Moms with two kids under 2 (although two of these crazies now have three under 3!!) EEK! This time it was 5 moms and 12 kids! (we are always outnumbered! LOL) Anyhow this group of ladies and I are so laid back when our kids are together that we all stood in the kitchen knocking back mimosas while our children played elsewhere. What a Christmas party! ha ha! For this reason I only grabbed my camera when we opened presents. But Danielle went all out for us. She had the bounce house and trampoline in the backyard as well as cookies to decorate and stocking and flowers to paint or stick stickers on. We had yummy food and as usual our titillating conversation which once again had us laughing, yelling, some of us crying, even. But more importantly just being so brutally honest and raw with each other about anything and everything. It is like fantastic therapy every time we are around each other. No one pretends to be something they are not or pretends they have it together or that their marriage is perfect or that they are perfect moms or wives or that we are not all royally screwed up in our own little ways! HA ha! I love these ladies... sigh. Anyhow here are the photos. Thanks for having us Danielle!

Merry Christmas Everyone! Thanks for being a part of lives!

Jill, Ryen and Ella

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