Monday, December 21, 2009

Chandler Christmas Tree Lighting 2009

So the City of Chandler Christmas Tree Lighting event is one of my favorites every year. This is when my kids see Santa and get photos taken. They have bounce houses and performers, food, a parade etc. But this year I did not enjoy it at all. We needed to get their earlier and that was a big mistake of ours. By the time we waited in line to see Santa we didn't have a lot of time left to do everything that Ella wanted to do before the parade started. Ella watched the dance troops perform and was mesmerized. She kept moving away from me closer and closer to the stage till she was sitting on the ground right in front of it staring up in awe. After that we tried to get some food but just waiting in line for Hot Chocolate took over 30 minutes!!! With three Hot Chocolates, my sister and her friend Liz who finally met up with me in line, three kids and a wagon we were struggling to get access to the street just to cross it so we could meet up with Jimmy and Ryen. People were blocking all parts of the street with their chairs for the parade but that meant even people trying to leave couldn't. Not one person would move their chairs to help me get to the street for fear I was going to try to take their spot. I finally push my way to the front and the lady tells me sorry Ma'am I can't let you cross the street the parade is about to start.

Jimmy and Ryen were on the other side. I was so stressed out that we were going to be separated for all of the parade and we weren't even sure we were staying for the whole thing. Ella was disappointed that we had no time to bounce in the bounce houses. I had to alk a half mile up the street and cross the street with Ella leaving my sister/friend/kids and wagon behind. By the time I met up with Jimmy my frustration was at an all time high. Then I tried to give Ella a pony ride before we left only to have the guy tell us the ponys get cranky during the parade and no rides will happen till it is over. She was so bummed she had to miss that too! Poor thing. But we got some cute photos and Ryen had a blast! :) Here are the few photos I took. Next year we are there as soon as it starts! >;)

PS My girls wore matching sweaters and hats that their Auntie Lisa and Uncle Dave bought them. SO CUTE! Except Ryen looked like a boy wearing Mommy's favorite color... BLUE!

And our biggest reason for going. Bringing our kids to see Santa. Below are our photos with Santa. Here Santa was telling Ella to be a good girl for Mommy and Daddy and asking her what she wants. So cute. I love taking her to see Santa. She has LOVED him since she was a baby. NEVER cried. EVER!

Here are the souvenir photos we got to take home... See you next year (EARLY!)

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  1. well, for all of your frustrations your photos came out really great. and if i know you...that matter a ton!! :)