Saturday, December 19, 2009

Girls Dinner/Xmas Exchange

(most of these photos came out like crap cause of an incorrect setting on my camera so sorry in advance that they look all snowy!) Here goes...

My neighborhood kicks butt! We have so many cool families in here and we have all become good friends. Us Moms get together once a year for a Christmas dinner and have a Secret Santa gift exchange. We look forward to it each year. This year we had a great dinner at Ling and Louie's gourmet Asian at the newly built Wild Horse Pass Casino in Chandler. The food was awesome. Thanks to my bud Deanna, I experienced my FIRST Sake Bomber (yeah) and as usual we had some laughs over our gift exchange. The best was when Kathryn gave Teresa her gift and said, I saw this and thought of you cause I know you love bling. And she gave her this hat below...

None of us were sure what to think but we were wondering is she for real or was that a joke? Teresa looked at like and was like Wow... I do like my bling... what she left out was the "BUT this is ridiculous" part. Probably wanted to spare Kathryn's feelings. Jackie could barely keep a straight face (see below)

Luckily that was not her real gift and Kathryn was pulling a joke on us all. Her real hat was adorable! After dinner, some got drinks, some got their gambling on (I think Crissy even won $100!) and then we entered this "Vegas style" nightclub for dancing. We have never danced this hard ever for a MNO. Or maybe just me! Ha ha! But we had so much fun! Here are the pics! Here's to another great year with you ladies and I cant wait for the more good times in 2010!

PS: Next year's girls dinner and Xmas exchange will be held whenever Ms Deanna comes back to the States from Singapore. I don't care if it is the middle of July! LOL... but I am pretty confident The Dowdy's will be coming home for Christmas next year. XOXO

and lastly my favorite photos of the night...

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