Thursday, December 24, 2009

Nutcracker with my OWN Sugarplum Princess

There are very few times in my life when I will be able to say that I experienced something with my daughter where it was the first time for both of us. I have never seen The Nutcracker and always wanted to. To be honest I don't even know the entire story of The Nutcracker and still don't! LOL But from the moment Ella was born I said I couldn't wait til she was old enough that I could make The Nutcracker Ballet a part of our Christmas tradition. I don't know if we will see the same one every year, or if we will switch dance companies, etc. but we will see one every year. Going with Ella this past Friday to see the Nutcracker now gave me a new thing that I can't wait for, and that is for Ryen to be old enough to join me and Ella!

Ella looked beautiful, all dressed up in her pretty dress and her purse! She looked SO grown up! It was amazing... I loved it. She kept telling me how beautiful she looked. It was awesome.

When we got there she was so excited. BUT she talked through the entire show!!! I felt so bad for the people around us. I apologized to all of them and thankfully none of them cared. They were actually getting a kick out of enjoying the show through her eyes too. The theater would be quiet and you could hear a pin drop and Ella would ask me loudly "What is she doing?" or "What is happening!?" or "Mommy what is her name?" It was hilarious. I snuck a few photos before getting yelled at not to take any more... but the announcer said no FLASH photography and I had my flash off, but they yelled at me anyway. =( Here is what I got...

Ella was so taken with the dancing she danced the whole way out of the theater and the entire way to the car!! It was seriously priceless to see her that touched by something.

But nothing beats the intermission performance she treated the entire theater too. It started with her dancing in between the first and second level seats. I managed to create a video montage of this below (so adorable). But when I told her I wanted to go to our seats which were in the front row, she proceeded to dance directly in front of the stage in between the front row and stage for the entire theater to see. People were smiling and clapping for her and she loved it. I also managed to have someone take a photo of us both during intermission.

Enjoy the video, it truly is the best souvenir of this amazing night. That and when she looked at me towards the end and said "Mommy- I want to be a dancer too!"

those of you that get this emailed to you please click here to go to the blog to watch the video

The video is over 4 minutes long but I swear well worth it, as her dancing gets hilarious as it goes on. :)

Merry Christmas

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