Monday, December 5, 2011

25 Days of Christmas- Making Ornaments with the Girl Scouts

Today is Day 5 of our 25 Days to Christmas Countdown. Our Advent Calendar had us doing a Christmas activity with our Daisy Girl Scout Troop! Our Girl Scout troop decided to hand make ornaments and pass them out for free to Christmas shoppers this month. My friend Trish and I made all the ornaments using a home made recipe. Flour, Salt, Water, and oil is all you need!

While Trish made us and the kids a yummy taco dinner, I got started on mixing our first batch in my Kitchen Aid.

When it came out it looked like any other dough. Just didn't taste good :)

Next we rolled it out and she and I started cutting out shapes.

We cut and baked about 200 of them!

Trish spray painted them all to get them ready.

She did an AWESOME job! Here the ornaments are ready for the girls to decorate at our meeting today.

They got busy right away and even let little siblings help since we had to do so many :)

And they came out cute...

Just look how many they cranked out!

They were very proud and can't wait to give them out this weekend!

We have a lot to give out as you can see :) Poor Trish has to hot glue ribbon on all of them. Maybe I can get her to drop some off here once they're dry and I can hot glue some too.

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