Sunday, December 25, 2011

25 Days of Christmas- Christmas DAY! We made it!!

Well the big day is finally here!!! It seemed to come fast and furious. But that's what happens when you are so busy with this countdown. Must have been busy since I fell a week behind in my blog post and never managed to catch up! :) We decided this year for the first year to have everything that came from Santa NOT wrapped. This idea came from my friend Jackie, who told me she does with her kids. And I liked it. The kids were able to see some presents right away and got so excited!! In fact they were hula hooping when we came out in the morning! LOL

These were the rest of the items Santa got them :)

Of course Mamarazzi has about 1700 photos from Christmas morning, but these are my favorites!

This was the chaos after! :)

Good thing Daddy and I donated at least half our kids toys to local families in need this Christmas, cause this chaos didn't stay long. We actually had places to put this stuff when they were done tearing through it all. So Daddy hopped in the kitchen to cook round 2 of breakfast while I cleaned up a bit.

The girls both settled in with the Leapsters and their new games :)

Later (after Ella asking again and again for hours) it was time for stockings.

Ella had been saying for weeks that the MOST important thing she wanted from Santa was a photo of him. She didn't care if it was under the tree or in her stocking, as long as he left her one. It was really quite cute. :) So of course after she was done opening her stocking, her face fell and she said, "Santa didn't leave me a photo??" She was so sad. So I told her, "Ella, Mommy and Santa are FACEBOOK friends, so maybe he put a picture there?" Daddy jumped in and took her to go look.

Here they are heading to Mommy's page...

And there it was on my wall!! And this was her reaction...

Here was the photo of Santa in OUR living room!

Ryen got a kick out of it too!!

This made Ella's Christmas for her!! I was so happy for her. :) Our last order of business was to give the dogs their stockings and their presents.

Mandy sticks her head in the stocking every year and we get a big kick out of it. :)

By the end of the day my kids were like tweakers from being overstimulated and overwhelmed by all the new toys and the fun they had. They passed out cold :) Merry Christmas to you all and I hope your Christmas was just as good as ours.


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