Friday, December 9, 2011

25 Days of Christmas- Random Christmas Fun

Today thankfully was a somewhat uneventful Christmas Day for activities for the kids. Which worked out well for me since I had so much to do today for my own Christmas activities.

First in the morning I went to Circle K to get some donuts and coffee and I hit the JACKPOT when I came across these Candy Cane shaped and decorated donuts. They were a big hit when I got home. :)

Next I volunteered at Ella's school to set up the Holiday Shop. This is a cute little fundraiser for the PTO that enables the kids to come and Christmas shop for their siblings, parents and friends. Everything is super affordable and priced low enough for the kids to be able to get some cute stuff. Everything had to be unpacked, set up and price tagged. Ella is going to have a blast shopping in it next week. While I don't have any photos of that I did go have lunch with Ella and her friends Ryan and Isie. I just LoVe hanging with these girls... (spoiler... AWFUL phone pic quality here. hmmph)

And seriously how much fun do these two have? Check out this video below. This is the funniest thing I have seen in a while and it reminds me of being on the playground and playing down down baby down by the roller coaster and all the crap we played back then... ha ha ha

After school we had a birthday party for our friend Izzy at the park. And they had the biggest Christmas tree pinata! It was awesome and the kids had a great time whacking at it blind folded.

After all this, I had to get ready for one of my annual MNO Christmas parties. But this year we decided to do a catered Mom's Night IN and have an Ugly Christmas Sweater party. Since I am sure I will have TONS of pics from this night. I am going to make a separate post about this party :)

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